Aims and Scopes:

“Vlakna a Textil” is a peer-reviewed scientific journal serving the fields of fibers, textile structures and fiber-based products including research, production, processing, and applications.

The birth of this journal is connected with three institutions, Research Institute for Man-Made Fibers, Svit (VÚCHV), Research Institute of Chemistry of Textiles (VÚTCH) in Žilina and Department of Fibers and Textiles at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, having a joint intention to provide, utilize and deposit results obtained through the research, development and production activities dealing with the aforementioned scopes. "Vlákna a Textil" journal has been launched as a consequence of a joing of existing magazines "Chemické vládkna" (VÚCHV) and "Textil a chémia" (VÚTCH). Their tradition should provide a good framework for the new journal with the main aim to create a closer link between the basic element of the product - fibre and its fabric - textile.

Since its founding in 1994, the journal introduces new concepts, innovative technologies and better understanding of textile materials (physics and chemistry of fiber forming polymers), processes (technological, chemical and finishing), garment technology and its evaluation (analysis, testing and quality control) including non-traditional applications, such as technical textiles, composites, smart textiles or garment, and nano applications among others. The journal publishes original research papers and reviews. Original papers should present a significant advance in the understanding or application of materials and/or textile structures made of them.

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